This page will contain podcasts and powerpoint presentations from MAFIA members on the fundamentals of foot and ankle surgery. There will also be information on anatomy and surgical approaches.

The techniques for particular manufacturers products can be accessed on a different page.

30th May ST Training at Stepping Hill Hospital

Lisfranc Injuries, Forefoot Injuries and Metatarsalgia

There are some papers to read listed below. There are also some videos below to watch on metatarsalgia and forefoot injuries. There will be a small quiz on these at the beginning of the session.

1400     Quiz 1

1415     Lecture on Lisfranc Injuries

!435      Patient examination - round robin in 3 rooms

             15 mins each room

1520     Break for refreshments

1540     Workshop on Surgical Management of Lisfranc Injuries

             Screw fixation/staples/locking plates  

1640    Quiz 2  

Lisfranc Papers

Review PaperEducation_files/Lisfranc-ligament-injuries.pdf
Internal fixation vs primary arthrodesisEducation_files/JBJS%20Am%202006%20Coetzee,%20Thuan%20Tx%20of%20Primarily%20Ligamentus%20Lisfranc%20Jt%20Injuries.....Prospective%20Randomized%20Study.pdf
Radiology of
Role of Reduction and Int Fix in LisfrancEducation_files/role%20of%20reduction.pdf

Morton’s Papers

Review PaperEducation_files/mortons-neuroma.pdf
Results Neurectomy
for Morton’sEducation_files/neurectomy%20for%20mortons.pdf




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